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Welcome to Bodymotions Physio Lounge-Where movement is medicine.

We are a leading provider of Physiotherapy services in Nigeria, with a reputation for providing quality consultations and lasting results. We utilize an infusion of innovative technology, scientific evidence and clinical experience to support every unique individual back to their highest function of health. Whether you’re looking to get back on track after an accident or simply want to keep moving forward in your daily life, our team of highly trained physiotherapists will be with you every step of the way. 

We Offer:

  • A personalized approach to well-being.
  • Faster recovery & lasting results.
  • Commitment to excellence in care.

Our Clients Say

This is hands down the best massage I’ve had. I felt my muscles unknot and tension leave. Dr Kenny was so careful but her massage was effective. I didn’t want my session to come to an end. Thank you again.

Ms Kemi

Ever since i signed up for BodyMotions services i have a new and better understanding of my body in so many ways. Learning just how important it is to have a properly functioning body for long term health is incredible and learning how to achieve a more efficient use of my body in exercise, posture and muscle use is priceless. Thank you for fulfilling your promise to me…truly living my best life 🙂


I had trauma on my fingers which persisted until i used the services of Kehinde. She was fantastic and highly professional. A couple of visits did the magic, and the relief refreshing. Kehinde is one person that i would always call upon for any physiotherapy related services related.

Okechukwu Igwegbe

I was fortunate to receive treatment from Kehinde for a painful and debilitating back problem. She diagnosed the problem and gave me some specific remedial exercises to do which immediately gave relief. I continue to use the recommended exercises regularly which appear to have prevented a recurrence of the pain. I fully recommend Bodymotions for physio treatment – highly professional and efficient.


I have had the pleasure of receiving therapy from Bodymotions twice, and I am pleased to recommend it to anyone. The physiotherapist was courteous and professional, knew exactly what she was doing, and takes time to patiently explain in detail. Most importantly, in both instances, the work was effective. I got very good relief in a matter of hours from back discomfort, the first time around and the second time, from a strained wrist. Won’t hesitate to contact again, should the need arise.


Ive had shoulder pains and discomfort for so long i forgot what normal felt like. I got used to it and lower back pain joined the party. BodyMotions changed all that through practical steps that led to amazing change and improvement in mobility and painful muscles. And not just a temporary fix they helped me get to the root of the problem and fixed that too…feels like i got another body, a better one.

Mr Akan

I reached out to Bodymotions physio lounge due to pregnancy-related pelvic pains. During my first consultation, the physiotherapist (Kehinde) was very thorough in understanding and identifying what the problem was. She proceeded to do some physical therapy which provided significant relief and I was immediately able to walk with no pain. She also gave clear advice on what to do if the problem occurred again. I was very happy with the service I received and would definitely recommend Bodymotions Physio Lounge.

Dr Damilola Oko