As COVID-19 continues its rampage worldwide, physical distancing measures are becoming the new normal. At Bodymotions, our Physiotherapists are here to help you navigate these waters with regards to your physical health.

Our greatest emphasis is to reduce the spread of COVID-19 by avoiding any unnecessary interactions. With these measures in place, we hope to avoid the unfortunate situations that numerous other countries have been faced with and continue to experience at this time.

Research has shown that having pre-existing health problems such as high blood pressure and diabetes can increase your risk of a fatal experience with COVID-19. As part of our shift to continue providing quality healthcare and reduce person-to-person contact, we have adopted Telephysiotherapy, an online video consultation service, in addition to the services we continue to offer in the clinic.  This allows us to assess, educate, and guide you efficiently through your rehabilitation back to health. The best part of this? It can all happen in the comfort of your own home. 

Our recommendation

Our greatest recommendation during this time is to avoid letting a minor problem become a bigger issue before seeking professional help. Our bodies are magnificent machines. With some aches and pains, our bodies will easily adjust and resolve certain issues naturally. However, there are many circumstances under which your body may not be able to adapt, compensating instead in a problematic way, which can make the initial minor complaint a more significant and complex problem. To avoid this, our best advice is :

  1. Get professional advice early. The quicker you identify a minor problem and get assistance, the greater the likelihood of eliminating its cause before it worsens.
  2. Avoid a sedentary lifestyle. Movement is it’s own proven medicine, so try and keep your body active and moving. This is especially important for the elderly and those working from less than ideal workspaces.
  3. Ensure the exercise program you are doing is appropriate for you. Having a guided plan that is specific to you as an individual is important in tackling the cause of your symptoms and making sure you don’t re-injure yourself.
  4. Stay safe and maintain safety precautions-Avoid any unnecessary social interactions and make sure you adhere to the safety measures that aim to keep you safe and protected, such as washing your hands regularly, maintaining social distancing rules, and wearing a face mask when you are out in public.

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