Our Treatments

Exercise therapy

We want to help you reactivate your health by engaging your primal instincts for movement, and transforming that into the healing power of medicine. We do this through the use of therapeutic exercises that focus on helping you regain flexibility, strength, and endurance, related to your specific physical problem. Our therapists will provide you with advice about managing your condition and encourage you to complete exercises at home along the way. Following this guidance is an important part of your treatment plan with us.


Soft tissue massage

Our therapists may utilize one or a mixture of some of the massage techniques below to ease your symptoms:

  • Deep transverse friction massage– Is used to align soft tissues and break down scar tissue so they can align more smoothly after injury.
  • Effleurage– warms up the tissues and increases blood flow in preparation for deep massage work.
  • Trigger point therapy- releases areas of tension and is carried out by holding onto a muscle knot to release it. It may feel uncomfortable at first but this will ease off once the muscle releases.
  • Lymphatic drainage-uses light pressure and long, gentle, rhythmic strokes to increase the flow of lymph and reduce toxins in your body.
  • Muscle Energy Technique– uses a muscle’s contraction and relaxation to create a stretch that eases off the tension in the muscle.
  • Myofascial release– is used to stretch out the muscles by working on connective tissues, called fascia that surrounds the muscles.


Electrotherapy is a non-invasive method of employing electrical energy for healing purposes. The energy waves produced by electricity create chemical changes in the body, which stimulate the release of natural pain killers,(endorphins), and increase the body’s ability to heal damaged tissues. We use electrical devices such as;

  • Infrared therapy- is a non-invasive light-based technology that increases oxygen and blood flow to injured areas of the body. This process reduces inflammation and facilitates healing.
  • Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation( TENS)– works by delivering electrical impulses along the body’s nerve pathways, reducing its ability to transmit pain signals to the spinal cord and brain. These electrical impulses also stimulate the body’s ability to produce our natural pain relievers, endorphins.
  • Ultrasound therapy– uses high-frequency sound waves that cause vibrations and movement within the body’s fluids. This stimulates the production of collagen (the main protein in tendons and ligaments) and increases blood flow. Both accelerate the healing process.


Joint mobilizations

Joint mobilization is the careful use of skilled and graded forces to move a joint in a desired direction. Any joint that is lacking its normal range of motion can be mobilized. This includes joints of the neck and back, as well as joints of the extremities such as the shoulder, wrist, hip, and ankle. We may manually apply pressure to or around your joint area to help;

  • Improve joint mobility
  • Reduce stiffness and pain
  • Decreased muscle spasms & tension
  • Improve freedom of movement

You may sometimes hear a pop or a click during joint mobilization. Don’t worry, this is just the release of gas that has built up in the area. Following the mobilization, the stiff region will become more mobile.


 Acupuncture involves the painless insertion of fine needles, where nerves, muscles, and connective tissue can be stimulated. The stimulation increases blood flow, while at the same time triggering the activity of the body’s natural homeostatic state, which is a system used to achieve a state of balance.

This along with the release of our body’s natural painkillers, endorphins can enable the body to achieve better results with other rehabilitative modalities such as graded strengthening and conditioning, giving the body a better chance of responding efficiently and quickly to therapy.

Our Physiotherapists are recognized by the UK’s Acupuncture regulating body, AACP and partake in regular training to maintain this recognized status.

Kinesio Taping

Kinesio taping, (K-tape) is a therapeutic taping method that is used to provide support to muscles that have been injured or overused. The tape serves as a gentle reminder to your body to hold itself in postures or positions that are ideal for its long term function. By doing this, it can retrain subtle muscle and joint movements, whilst improving circulation, thereby encouraging faster recovery and pain-free movements in the affected region.

Bio-mechanics and Posture assessments

It is rare to find an individual who is perfectly symmetrical in their body’s alignment. Most of the time our small quirks like a fallen arch in the sole of the foot, or an excessive curvature in the spine can lead to an increased risk of discomfort or injury. Our Physiotherapists may carry out short biomechanical assessments and recommend making adjustments, for example improving your posture or using orthotics to correct the alignment of your body.


Our Clients Say

This is hands down the best massage I’ve had. I felt my muscles unknot and tension leave. Dr Kenny was so careful but her massage was effective. I didn’t want my session to come to an end. Thank you again.

Ms Kemi

Ever since i signed up for BodyMotions services i have a new and better understanding of my body in so many ways. Learning just how important it is to have a properly functioning body for long term health is incredible and learning how to achieve a more efficient use of my body in exercise, posture and muscle use is priceless. Thank you for fulfilling your promise to me…truly living my best life 🙂


I had trauma on my fingers which persisted until i used the services of Kehinde. She was fantastic and highly professional. A couple of visits did the magic, and the relief refreshing. Kehinde is one person that i would always call upon for any physiotherapy related services related.

Okechukwu Igwegbe